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Gabapentin is used to treat Alcohol Withdrawal

I am still on gabapentin. Dose is 600mg three times a day – total 1800mg in a 24 hour period. I had not had a drink “craving” since August 11, 2014 when I quit. (I did this within one week of starting gabapentin). I did have a glass of wine at Christmas, one beer on my birthday, and one glass of wine at Easter. That’s it. I use to have 10 beers a day, and three glasses of wine or gin for bad panic attacks and generalized anxiety. So for me (not everyone) I can have that occasional drink with friends, at party or any social event – then come home and not touch the stuff and WITHOUT ANY CRAVINGS AT ALL – as I had during my 40-year binge. Still, this drug is amazing. AA never worked for me.

“I went on gabapentin for alcoholism that troubled me for 10 years when nothing including Alcoholics Anonymous barely worked. I read anecdotal information that it helped with alcoholism, went on 600mg twice daily and it was the first thing that helped me. Now I take 1200mg twice daily and find it works great! Afterwards I read a study in the Journal of American Medicine, Gabapentin in Alcohol Dependance, 2014 that confirmed it works well in many people for cravings and binge drinking. This medicine should be further studied to confirm it works well. On this site it is obvious it helps a lot of people struggling with alcoholism which I have, along with Bipolar Disorder. I call Gabapentin my” happy pills” that also takes away my anxiety

I’ve detoxed several times. The last one was really bad. This time My Dr. put me gabapentin 300 mg. 3 times a day and Lithium. I usually suffer withdrawals for 5-7 days. I did have anxiety for two days, but I’m on day 3, no anxiety and no cravings

“It was a miracle for me I on highest dose a day. I got it for my neuropathy and it helped a lot to deal with my alcoholism which was an unexpected bonus, but I have to say I’ve detoxed from pretty much everything so if you want to go off it taper! Cause withdrawal off gabapentin is right up there for severe terrible withdrawal symptoms, they told me it was non narcotic and non addictive well I challange my doc to start a regiment and try to stop then he’ll find out! Non addictive – my ass lol”

“For my entire adult life, I’ve quit drinking a 100 times. AA, rehab, sober partners: all the methods worked, and l quit. But not for good! Finally, 14 years ago, l was prescribed neurontin for my brand new menopause-sponsored hot flashes, I took it for 2 years and quit drinking completely, I just didn’t want drinks anymore. At all. When l went off the drug, it was obvious to me within a week: neurontin stops me from drinking and helped keeps me sober, I can’t believe how well it works. I’ve been taking it ever since. I’m sober, and THIN! Opinions are of no value to me, because this is how my Neurontin took away my obsession.”